Praise for Chelsey Burns:

Chelsey’s willingness to not only implement Mindfulness in her own life but to bring it to her clients is touching.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chelsey on many levels. Seeing her as her acupuncturist, coach or life cheerleader, her diligence towards her goals is inspiring. Having experienced her own health crisis she sought acupuncture as a solution, as she was not improving with Western medical care. Her commitment to her good health played out in many different ways; her attention to the details of her treatment plan, adherence to her dietary changes, and courageously eliminating all of her medications. Chelsey made all of these changes consciously holding her intention close to her heart.  As a health coach, Chelsey brings these same important qualities to her clients. She is an amazing ally when needed to assist in goal completion, as she is able to work methodically and meticulously.  And yet, Chelsey possesses a quick wit when need to bring levity to the situation. One of her greatest strengths is her bright mind; she has a growth mindset and is able to problem solve with ease. Chelsey’s willingness to not only implement Mindfulness in her own life but to bring it to her clients is touching. Chelsey sees her clients as the amazing unique Beings that they are and fosters this Mindfulness within each of them. 

   --M.P., Wheatridge, Co

Chelsey is a wealth of knowledge!

I am impressed with Chelsey's knowledge and real concern for her clients. I was experiencing severe anxiety while going through a lawsuit.  Chelsey helped me with some breathing techniques to reduce my heart palpitations and anxiety while educating me on what was happening inside my body physcially so I could understand why the breathing techniques would work. Learning about the physiological aspects of my anxiety helped me stick to the treatment she outlined for me.  Chelsey is a wealth of knowledge! And, she really cares about her clients.

   --L.G., Littleton, CO

Chelsey is a joy to work with!

Chelsey is a joy to work with. She is warm, observant, attentive, charming, and smart! I am highly motivated by working with her. She provides accountability for me as I am changing some behaviors, implementing new ones, and developing systems on my way to creating new habits. I am grateful to Chelsey for guiding and supporting me toward a more purposeful life!

   --L.S., Denver, CO

Chelsey is the perfect coach!!

She listens, she makes suggestions, she knows when to give that extra little push. She sends me reminders to do little things (like drink more water!) that are easy to forget. Chelsey has helped me move forward one step at a time, always taking time to help me fill my heart with joy and kindness.

   --V.D., Golden, CO

Chelsey Burns is exciting to work with.

I love working with Chelsey. She is inspiring and full of great ideas!

   --S.C., Denver, CO