Creatively Fit Coaching


Mandala painting by clientCreativity is a powerful healing tool, and I am excited to now offer Creatively Fit Coaching in conjunction with my health coaching programs, both on an individual basis and in group settings.

(See My Creatively Fit Programs and Prices below.)


Creatively Fit Coaching is a guided coaching program in which a certified Creatively Fit Coach teaches you how to use creative exercises like painting, drawing, and collage to improve your health by creating balance in mind, body, and spirit. Just like you would hit the gym to become physically fit, let me show you how you can hit the canvas to become creatively fit.


• reducing stress
• increasing mindfulness
• building intuition
• strengthening self-confidence, and
• developing problem-solving skills

Creativity is an essential element in the formula for good health!  Unfortunately, creativity, which happens in the right brain, is often neglected in this fast-paced world that emphasizes logical, left-brained thinking. Creativity is a path to mindfulness and mindfulness is a path to better health! Even though recent developments in brain imaging technology show that optimal healing only happens when there is balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, most people neglect the development of their right brains.  But it is easy (and fun!) to get your right brain into shape by becoming creatively fit!


Information about my standard programs is provided below. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all coaching program to fit everyone’s needs; therefore, if you don’t see a standard program that suits you, we can work together to create a custom program just for you.

Painting-Made-Easy Program:

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint but never knew where to start? This program is perfect for you! I help you develop your personal painting practice in the comfort of your own home! The cost is $210 and includes:

• 5-hours of instruction (can be split into two sessions) during which I guide you through a 5-layer painting process using acrylic paints to create a painting of your choosing.
• Instruction in color theory, composition, design principles, color mixing, and basic acrylic painting techniques
• Guidance in setting up a creative space in your home. You don’t need a whole studio or workshop! Just a corner in a well-lit room will do!
• Supplies: paint, brushes, and canvas are included. I will help you decide if you want to purchase any additional supplies to set up your creative space (drop cloths, table, easel, lights, etc.)
• A complimentary telephone consultation prior to the beginning of the program during which we will discuss your creative fitness goals and plans for setting up your personal creative space

Need inspiration? Check out the photos below of paintings that were created using the Painting-Made-Easy process:

Aspens paintingMandala paintingblue mountains and trees paintingCat paintingOwl Painting



Creative Fitness Boot Camp:

With this targeted program, you will get your right brain into shape with creative workouts that teach you how to reduce stress and practice mindfulness through creativity. The cost is $165 and includes:

• 4 one-hour weekly sessions over the course of a month, at your home or via video conferencing, during which I guide you through various creative exercises, called Creative Workouts, including art journaling, drawing, and collage to help you create balance between your left and right brain, develop your intuition, increase mindfulness, and reduce stress.
• A complimentary telephone consultation prior to the beginning of the program during which we will discuss your creative fitness goals.
• All supplies needed for the Creative Workouts.
• There will be homework assignments in between sessions that will require approximately one to two hours to complete.
• Price reduced to $160 for payment via cash or check

Creativity Parties:

Hosting a Creativity Party at your home or office is easy! I will come to your location and provide all the art supplies and instructions.

Mother and Daughter Mandala Party

This is not a paint-by-numbers or one-size-fits all experience! I collaborate with you to custom-design a creative project that is unique to your wishes. Whether it be acrylic painting, watercolor, mandala-making, or collage (to name a just few options), you and your guests will create one-of-kind art projects.

Need inspiration? Here are just a few examples of creative projects that you can do at your Creativity Party:

Irises painting Poinsetta painting peacock painting rainbow mountains painting starry night painting Sunflowers painting whimsical trees and mountains painting







Cost: There is a $200 flat fee for all Creativity Parties, which includes 3 hours of instruction and all art supplies (paints, brushes, canvases, etc.) for up to 5 people. For parties greater than 5 people, each additional person is $30. There is no class size limit—if you can fit them at your dining room table, I will guide them! Host is responsible for providing food/drink.

Learn how to create your way to better health today!

Contact me for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and let me help you create balance today!